Monday, August 25, 2014

what i feel now.

to be or not to be that is the question.

t(- .-)

so long sucker plates

Monday, August 18, 2014

feeling something

you say you're really hurting atleast you're feeling something

hay kapuya oy, damak. nganong ingon ani mani oy wala jud ko sa focus nako ba. kailangan nako magbuhat. wala bya koy friends na maasahan tae. ako ako nalang jud ani. dili nako magsalig magsakit lang akong heart. tama na! kapoy na! move on na! kaya nimo ni! daghan nakag naagian!

kaya nimo ni JES!
hinay hinay lang nya paspasi!

kaya nimo ni
ayaw lang ug undang
ikaw pa

bahala na na sila

bahala na na sila

kaya nimo ni

move forward na

kaya nimo ni

Thursday, July 17, 2014


there are just things you cannot understand but you need to accept. you may remember her scent and the way she looked at you or how she do her hair and how she flicker her brows. but believe that this will pass. like all the things that have passed in your life. this will pass too. maybe not today but soon.

you will mend yourself
and she will mend hers

and you will both learn.

keep yourself busy
you can do it.

like how you did it then.
you can make it now.

Friday, May 16, 2014

unappreciated gift

i really feel broken hearted, well my friend who i believe still wanted me to be her friend celebrated her birthday last may 15 and i thought i should really give her something. so i did. i gave her a chocolate. for some reason i thought she would appreciate it because it came from me. but she didn't. she didn't posted it. maybe she didn't like it. and this means i should probably turn my back away from her.

i guess this is an indication that i should not be friends with her.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

when lovers turn to friends

i guess this is better for us. i do not feel anything at all now
i feel so numb of the things that i should feel.
this is not better this is the best.

she said that she's tired of me
and i am too. im tired of myself
maybe i'm just not meant to be loved
nor i am capable of doing so.

so this is the best.

the best solution

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

a good day to die hard (post for march 26, 2014)

it's really painful to be a secret and to have imperfections
what's more painful is to not be accepted and not love by those people you've expected to understand you.
it's even painful when they think of you less than what you should be.

wala lang.
siguro kay midget ko.
siguro kay bayot kog nwong
siguro kay bugoon ko
siguro kay dili lang jud ko love.

o siguro kay attached rajud kaayo ko


rules to be followed:

1. should eventually be more independent (too attached)
2. should always follow thy mind (too dumb)
3. should be more mature
4. sarilinin ang problema (i-blog nalang enjoy pa)
5. everyday na magpost para chuy
6. kung naay hinanakit imessage nalang na sa hangin, pakalmahin ang loob i-blog
7. kung problema sa pera darating din yan.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

missing piece

now that i am eventually back to life (from not blogging, to blogging again) haha. though it's not that funny i just laughed `cause it seems to be cool to type in *haha.

today was another boring day like any other day and it was hot (literally). so i wanted to write a poem of what was troubling me. it's like an illness *cancer that slowly and mercilessly killing me.
something(not even a poem)

beauty in her eyes i see
beautiful in my eyes is she
but hurtfully her eyes does not see me
her body does not feel me
or the need of having me

pain in the heart is love
though they say that it is a gift from above
i could not understand how they could say it
nor did i understand how they feel it
but the love i know was always hurtful
the love i know was always toxic

ever since i was young i know this
ever since i saw them all i understood
that love was beautiful like a rose
but it could hurt you with its thorns
but why do we still love?

today was a miss
i never got to touch your lips
i should have given you a kiss
but it was all a miss
and yesterday you didn't even bother
to say how you love me so
maybe you had a change of heart
especially today because i am the reason
of all your worries.
i am the reason you are failing
i'm just a distraction
to all of the things you want to do
i am the reason to all of this
and even i try to help you it wont do

how i wish i could be gone
so you'll be happy

how i wish i could just die and never wake up one morning
so you'll have the most beautiful day of your life
i just wish to die so you wont have to make stupid fights with me
so you could just live and love the person you really want to have'
the person that is not me, i wish i could just die.

i wish.